treatment for pansinusitis

 In general, home care can reduce first symptoms of acute pansinusitis and restoring normal sinus drainage.
More severe cases may require medication or even can be reached in the situation of surgery.
Outpatient treatment aims at promoting nasal discharge secretions through key measures: increasing the consumption of fluids, the inhalation of vapor, instillation of saline, or expectorants use.
Steam baths - By moistening the nasal passages, nasal secretions are thinning favor, allowing the sinuses and reduce pressure release. The patient should inhale fumes from a bowl of hot water with his head covered with a towel to keep the heat and humidity. It also recommends warm and humid air inhalation during a shower or a warm bath. Water can adds  peppermint or  essential oils of eucalyptus..
Solutions of saline - very beneficial for sinus release,  can be prepared at home or  found in drugstores (by dissolving  in 250 ml water with  ¼ teaspoon of salt).
The acute phase of pansinusitis
-Consumption of other hydrating fluids and water (10 to 12 glasses a day ).
Additional fluid intake contributes to thinning mucous secretions, which facilitates drainage of the sinuses.
-Avoid exposure to extreme temperature changes, and the cold, dry air.
-Maintain a humidity level of 40% - 50%, especially in the bedroom.
-Avoid swimming or air travel during the acute phase.


Antibiotics are the main treatment for bacterial pansinusitis, there are also situations when you do not need by them. In 75% of situation, within one month, this disease can be cured without any treatment. If you take antibiotics, the symptoms are more affordable and the healing can be faster . Treatment usually lasts 7 to 10 days. Making adequate spectrum antibiotics are preferable because it reduces the risk of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. In case of chronic pansinusitis, we propose a longer duration of treatment (up to 21 days). In severe situation of bacterial pansinusitis, antibiotics is recommended to be administered intravenously.
The antibiotics are not recommended when you are obvious nasal secretions. In this situation, it is rather an allergy or a cold .
Analgesic medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol) is recommended to reduce facial pain or headaches.
Antihistamines only to reduce symptoms caused by allergies. In other cases should be avoided as dry and thick nasal secretions.
Topical decongestants in the form of sprays should not be used more than 3 days.
It may irritate the nasal mucosa if used for a longer duration.
 Instillation of saline solutions can be used as nasal decongestants.
For people who suffer from allergies, your doctor will first prescribe nasal inhaled corticosteroids to reduce inflammation. If the result is not satisfactory, are prescribed oral corticosteroids (prednisone).
   Surgical treatment
 If pansinusitis not respond to conventional treatments are often resort to surgery to open and drain the sinuses. Surgery can also correct structural abnormalities or nasal adenoids removed.
The goal of surgery is to unlock blockages and allow draining sinus nasal passages will be issued. During the surgery to improve air circulation, nasal polyps can be removed and can be correct a deviated nasal septum. With steroids and antibiotics intranasal administration may be necessary.
Recurrent sinus infections require further investigation. A culture obtained during a medical examination or endoscopic surgery may reveal the presence of anaerobic bacteria, which require treatment with broad spectrum antibiotics, or some mushrooms, requiring treatment with antifungal medications.


  1. very good information about treating this disease

  2. Had this for 12 years, not much works, steam so/so, neti pots no, nasal sprays no, antibiotics for a week or so...
    Only Prednisone helps and Afrin to open up and stop mouth breathing.
    Surgery is likely the necessary option for chronic/Pan sinusitus', but its a rough procedure, looking into as I type!
    GOOD LUCK ALL, this is a bear of a disorder!

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