Sinusitis - complications

Why is dangerous and that serious complications can have
Sinusitis can often be a sinus infection that requires a minimal treatment, but when ignore the warning signs, you may find that suffers from dangerous complications.
Find out which are the most common serious complications of sinusitis.In the acute form, sinusitis powerful slows breathing, dangerous thing when you have and other respiratory problems, usually at asthma.
Without proper treatment, sinusitis can become chronic, at which the risks of complications rise even more.

The risks associated of untreated sinusitis
Sinusitis occurs in most cases after a cold. Other risk factors include bacterial infections, fungal or allergies. If the disease has not disappeared after three months or if regularly returns , the diagnosis is chronic sinusitis, and the risk of complications is higher.
The infection which debuted in sinus can quickly spread to the skull, but also in all body in the absence of correctly treatment.

The meningitis and other cerebral infections
One of the most serious complications of sinusitis may be meningitis. The risk of extension of infection to the brain, either by bone or by blood is higher in frontal sinusitis. If not detected in time, the infection in the brain can cause brain damage and even death.

Infection of the eye orbit and vision problems
Orbital eye infections that can derives from sinusitis are particularly serious. In some cases, the optic nerve can be affected, it causes a decrease in quality of vision, temporary or permanent or even the blindness. May be affected and muscles that control the movements of the eyeball and of eyelid affected eye.

Osteomyelitis, infection of cranial bone
When sinusitis gets worse and you do not get required treatment, the infection can spread even to the bones of the skull. Osteomyelitis usually occurs in the bones of the forehead, and the symptoms associated are more powerful migraines, high fever and a palpable inflammation of bones.

Blood clots or aneurysms
Occurrence of blood clots in the skull caused by sinusitis, is another serious risk, but this situation is rather rare. Blood clots can cause aneurysms in the brain or a stroke that can put your life in danger.

Nasal polyps
Sinusitis occurs more often in people who already suffer from nasal polyps, but these may occur as a complication of the disease, which makes it harder breathing. In some severe cases, obstruction in the airways to polyps can even lead to loss of smell, and the risk of permanent loss of this feel grows for those who suffer from chronic sinusitis.

The correct treatment for sinusitis
The easiest form of sinusitis requires a simple treatment, but your doctor may recommend treatment with antibiotics to eliminate more rapid the bacterial infection which can spread.
Treatment with antibiotics is important to the first appearance of symptoms, to prevent the onset of chronic sinusitis, the disease whose complications are more dangerous than in the acute form.


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