pansinusitis polyposis

What is the nasal polyposis?
It represents a Oedematous degeneracy of nasal lining as a result of some allergic phenomena. Polyps produce the obstruction of nasal cavities  resulting impossibility  of nasal respiration, loss of smell, nazonata voice , cephalalgia. Sometimes it can super-infect causing the appearance a purulent nasal secretions.
The nasal Polyposis may also to appear as phenomenon  accompanying in a series of other diseases: rinosinusale infections, tumors with the rinosinusala location and some systemic diseases: mucoviscidosis, Widal syndrome, etc.
How  manifest the nasal polyposis?
- In polyposis of allergic cause :the nasal obstruction is bilateral with the present in nasal cavities of some cystic formations translucent with aspect of bunch of grapes
- In polyposis of infectious cause: the nasal obstruction is unilateral usually, accompanied by the unilateral mucopurulent rhinorrhea.
- At children may be a severe form of allergic polyposis: The deforming nasal polyposis that leads to widening of the nasal pyramid in sideways and on the height because the bones of face are still in period of growth.
Which is the treatment of nasal polyposis?
Consists in removing the polyps of endonazalis for the restoration of nasal air lane . Most times, however, the polyps reoccur if are not associated whit  efficient treatment of cause  (allergy, infection, sinusitis, etc.)
- For the allergic polyposis: must do practiced polypectomy, followed by the allergy treatment. Performing a simple computed tomography can show the polyposis extension in the maxillary and ethmoidal sinuses, which requires surgical treatment there of simultaneously or successively. The most extensive form of  disease is the bilateral  polyposis pansinusitis , requiring a radical surgical intervention with opening all of face sinuses.
- For deforming nasal polyposis first are treated the rinosinusala infectious which caused the appearance of the polyps and then to realized the polypectomy
- For the deforming nasal polyposis of child the treatment is addressed to the allergy, followed by polypectomy, but the polyps relapse frequently.


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