12 methods to prevent sinusitis

Symptoms of sinusitis are:
- Symptoms of colds do not respond to treatment;
- Fever ranging between 38-39 degrees Celsius;
- Headache;
- Tiredness and slimming;
- Toothache;
- Headache localized primarily in the frontal area becomes very sensitive even to a simple touch;
- A chronic cough, especially during night;
- Nasal congestion;
- nasal discharge;
- Bad breath;
- Swelling of the eyelids.
- Sensitive eyes to light;

Methods to prevent sinusitis: 
Treat allergies and colds - nasal inflammation caused by allergies or colds various, predisposing patients to have a strong reaction to all irritants agents.
Attention to the humidity in the house! - Your sinuses drain better when the air is moist. Do not hesitate to use the air conditioner to adjust the temperature in the house.
Uses filters - electrostatic filters sparing allergens agents from the air.
Avoid pollution - exposure in polluted environments can irritate the nasal cavities and aggravates sinusitis.
Quit smoking - Smoking is one of the most common causes for irritation of the sinuses, preventing proper operation of the mucous drainage and causing the appearance of nasal congestion.
Eliminate alcohol consumption - Even occasional use of alcohol cause swelling in the sinus membrane, exposing them to irritations and infections. Of all alcoholic drinks it seems that beer affects the worst sinuses.
Drink a lot of water - water influences the degree of humidity of the body and help prevent nasal congestion.
Avoid swimming - water in pools and swimming pool is often treated with a large amount of chlorine, a substance that irritates the sinuses, especially if you're a person prone to allergies.
Watch the daily hygiene - bacterial and viral infections are the most common cause of sinusitis production. Make sure you wash your hands frequently with water and soap.
Reduces consumption of dairy products - An excessive consumption of milk cause mucosal thickening and narrowing of the nasal passages, enhancing the occurrence of headaches.
Do not forget the hot showers! - to do as often as possible many a hot shower and inhale the vapors. Doing so you will moisten the neck, allowing the nasal cavity to have adequate drainage.
Beware of extreme temperatures - very low or very high temperatures as well as sudden temperature changes cause severe headache and of teeth.
Eat healthy - try to eat as many fruits and vegetables, avoid very cold drinks, remove from your food program , drinks containing caffeine (coffee, cola, green tea), when you drink your tea try to sweeten it with honey and not forget the lemon slices.

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